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Loud noises coming from a home AC unit are not normal—these units are designed to operate quietly, with noise barely above a whisper level for those inside the home. A loud knocking noise is a sign that something is wrong with your AC unit. In many cases, the problem is severe.

Remember, never open the compressor unit. Other types of noises, caused by different problems, can also sound similar to a knocking noise. For example:. No matter what the cause is, these noises are serious.

How to Troubleshoot a Noisy Air Conditioner Clutch

Start by turning off your AC unit—continuing to run it may cause further damage. In most cases you will need to call a professional. Never risk letting what could be a minor repair turn into a major AC emergency. Let us get your AC up and running again—silent and problem-free.

Call us at or fill out the form to your right and speak with an AC pro today. Book Online Now! The most common causes of a loud knocking or banging noise are: A loose part in the AC compressor. This is the part houses in the outdoor unit. It could be its crankshaft, connecting rod or piston pin. In many cases this will require a compressor replacement; in others, the loose part simply needs to be tightened or replaced.

An unbalanced blower. Other out-of-balance or loose parts. If the sound is more like a clanking, it could mean the compressor itself is loose, or parts inside the blower unit are hitting each other. These problems need to be addressed by a professional quickly or they will get worse.

Other Causes of Knocking Sounds in AC Other types of noises, caused by different problems, can also sound similar to a knocking noise. For example: Rattling noises often involve a loose screw or other loose part rolling around in the unit, especially the blower. In some cases, it could be a twig or other debris, especially if the sound originates from the outdoor unit.

Chattering or clicking can be an electrical component. It should not make this noise except when AC is first starting up. If it is, it needs to be serviced and likely replaced. What should I do if my AC is making knocking noises? Call To Shedule Service, Or Click Here! Looking for Plumbing Services?It sounds like a metal flap slamming shut. Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Return to Central Air Conditioner Noise.

But from the very beginning it has made a loud banging noise every time it turns on. Company checked it out and said everything is ok. Now, neighbors are complaining about the loud noise, so company is coming back again. Anyone else with a Goodman heat pump have the same problem? Sep 11, Rating Final Figured it out! NEW by: Anonymous Thanks to this site, finally figured out the "slamming" noise and it was the filter.

We have a medal filter so it makes a really loud noise. When switched to the paper filter, no noise at all. Thanks for the tip!!!

Sep 06, Rating Slamming noise This fan mounts hanging from the grill. The four bolts appeared tight, but he torqued them down more. Problem solved. No more waking up to a loud bang. Yep, torqued the fan mounting bolts on my Lennox Not sure why fan motor bolted to a top mounted grille Have fun, my two cents. No more slamming and banging each time the until turns on and off.

Aug 22, Rating moving filter NEW by: Anonymous We can see our filter going up when the ac comes on, and dropping down when it shuts off. Thanks to your comments, we will try taping the filter in place. Duct tape is truly the eighth wonder of the world! Had a new Trane installed had installer come back it's a common problem have your fan speed turned down on the unit you will loose a little air from your vents but it will stop. I personally had such a bad old unit that I told him to leave it alone.

I would rather enjoy the powerful air speed. It has been making a slamming noise when cutting off.In any auto air conditioning systemthere are several key parts. These include the air conditioner clutch assembly, heat exchanger, compressor, drive belts, and pumps. This guide will help you diagnose the problem when you start hearing strange noises.

That, in simple detail describes how the system works. There are times, though, where you might hear a squealing noise when you engage the air conditioning system. This could either be the air conditioning clutch or the serpentine belt slipping. This is because it is a very complicated device that involves proper shimming, to set it correctly.

It also involves the proper handling of the refrigerant according to EPA standards. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation Login Register How-Tos. Written by Bipasha Bhatia. Reviewed by H. As the refrigerant now more environmentally friendly R Freon moves through the system, it picks up the heat of the cabin and transfers it to a large alternative radiator-like device called the condenser.

Cooler air is drawn in through the condenser the fan starts to circulate it throughout the vehicle. The compressor is the heart of the system.

The compressor works only when it is engaged to the engine and that engagement is through the air conditioner clutch. Troubleshooting You can check the belt yourself by looking for shiny or worn spots on it, or by wetting it down to see if the squealing stops.

If the squealing continues, it could indicate the air conditioner clutch is out of alignment or, worse, going bad. Another noise you might hear from the air conditioner clutch is a heavy thunk when you engage the air. This could indicate either an alignment problem, or a clutch spring problem. It should be checked out by a professional. Still another air conditioner clutch condition that you might feel, more than hear, is a slight vibration when the air conditioner clutch disengages when you are idling at a light or if your vehicle has reached the temperature you want.

Again, this is something that should be checked out by a professional. Popular Articles. How an Air Conditioner Clutch Works.

Noises Your AC Makes and What They Might Mean

By Lisa Harbaugh. By Tom McClure. Car Air Conditioning Troubleshooting. By Chris Nickson. Auto Air Conditioning Repair. By Bipasha Bhatia.Coronavirus Update: We care about your health and continue to service our customers safely. Read More. Financing Available Schedule Service When you hear a sound coming from your AC, never ignore it — it most likely signals the development of a problem with your air conditioning system in Hammond.

There are a lot of different reasons why and how your air conditioner can start making strange noises, but there are a few types of repairs that are fairly easy to identify simply by listening:. Twitter Link. All rights reserved. Serving Southeast Louisiana.

ac clunk noise

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Air Conditioning. Leading the Way with Independence Days! There are a lot of different reasons why and how your air conditioner can start making strange noises, but there are a few types of repairs that are fairly easy to identify simply by listening: Hissing — a hissing sound can be indicative of two possible things: a refrigerant leak inside the air conditioning system or a leak coming from the compressor.

Both will need to be repaired, preferably by a trained professional, as both these types of repairs typically get worse over time and may cause damage to your system. Clunking or banging — a clunking or banging noise can indicate that something has come loose somewhere in the system, and many times this can be the fan or components of the fan, such as a fan blade.

This can be a dangerous situation, and requires that you turn off your air conditioner immediately and have it checked by a trained professional. Popping sound — every now and then you may hear a popping sound come through your air ducts; this is probably the metalwork in the ducts either expanding or contracting from the temperature Thump at shut-off — when your air conditioner cycles down, it may create a small thumping noise; this is normal with many systems.

If, however, you hear a number of thumps or consistent thumping, it may be time for a specialist to take a look. Twitter Facebook Instagram.And we want to make sure yours stays that way. High-efficiency AC units incorporate sound-dampening technology and two-stage variable speed compressors to keep noise levels below 55 decibels. So if you hear unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner during normal operation, don't ignore them, as this could be a sign that the unit needs a repair or upgrade.

Ignoring the mysterious noises from your AC can turn minor issues into major expenses, as these noises could signal anything from needing a simple tune up to costly repairs, to —worst case — replacement of the entire unit.

ac clunk noise

The sooner you can determine the cause of the noise and resolve your AC issuesthe better. Here are some of the common sounds your HVAC system could make and what they may signify.

Clanking is another sign of a loose or out-of-balance part. The parts inside the sealed unit have likely failed, and the compressor itself may have become loose, possibly necessitating a replacement. This sound can also mean that the indoor blower or outdoor fan and its blades are out of balance and hitting other parts.

These types of issues will only get worse and create bigger problems, if ignored. Blower and fan noises such as squeaks, squeals and rattles may be transmitted through the duct system.

The blower wheel and housing will also squeal when they malfunction. For some units, this sound is normal upon start-up. If you hear high-pitched whistling or screaming, shut the air conditioner off and call a professional right away. Screaming might also indicate high internal pressure within your compressor, which is very dangerous. If your air conditioner turns off on its own, don't panic.

Consider this a good thing. A sensor is doing its job to protect you from a potentially hazardous situation. Air conditioning units cost a lot to repair and replace. Unfortunately, air conditioners do break down leaving you stuck with rising temps and repair costs.

A Home warranty plan is designed to help keep you protected for the unexpected repairs and even replacements of your home's major appliances and system components—like your air conditioner. Learn how you can rely on American Home Shield to help get your home back to cool without busting your budget. All Rights Reserved.

Your browser is out of date. For the correct work of a site, install the new version. American Home Shield Home Warranty. Request Service. Get Started. I'm a Buyer. I'm a Seller. MyAccount Live Chat Home Warranty. Get a Quote. About Call Us Chat.Nothing feels better than feeling the cold air blowing in your car on a hot day, practically a necessity, it is one of the most important parts of any car: a working air conditioner.

Should you need the cold air and be greeted with nothing or warm air, it can be quite the cause for concern as you hope to figure out why. Usually your air conditioner will begin to show signs that it is beginning to experience an issue, typically through weird and unusual sounds.

ac clunk noise

Should you notice your air conditioner making any weird and uncommon sounds, it is important to know what they may signify and the best way to treat it before any damages can be caused. Weird sounds coming from the air conditioner can be one of the most concerning things to a driver, especially during the summer when the air conditioner is just about the most important piece of a car.

Whether it is the sign that something is failing or in need of maintenance, or simply a normal occurrence that you do not need to worry about, knowing what sounds to listen for from your air conditioner can help you find and properly diagnose an issue before it becomes critical, which will help keep all of your car in proper working order and free of issue.

Rather than using any belt dressing for diagnosis of an issue, spray the belt down with a spray bottle of water and if the noise stops, have your vehicle looked at for further inspection. If your serpentine belt is old you may want to just replace it anyways even if there are no weird sounds or signs of wear and tear.

This is usually the sign of an overcharged system, which is only usually an issue when too much Freon is added during an air conditioner service. An overcharged air conditioner will not properly cool and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. The buzzing is caused by the liquid refrigerant entering the compressor intake port and is a great signifier that there is too much Freon. Replacing the entire air conditioner compressor is expensive and much harder than it initially may look so correcting the issue fast will save you plenty of time and money.

Knocking or Clicking Sound- While not as common an issue as the other sounds, either a constant knocking or clicking sound is the result of loose mounting bolts that are meant to secure various air conditioning components.

When the engine is running you can find the trouble area by simply standing back and looking, as you will be able to see any loose components shaking and moving around.

The easiest fix when it comes to sounds your air conditioner could make, you simply have to tighten bolts and add thread-locking compound to solve the problem. A hissing noise after turning the car off is actually caused by equalizing pressurethis is made by the Freon moving from the high-pressure side of the compressor down into the lower pressure side and is a completely normal occurrence and sound.

Constant Rattling Sound- There are a few potential culprits for an air conditioner that rattles when you turn it on, if you think it may be any of them it is important that you find the cause right away and have it taken care of before further damages can be spread.

An air conditioner compressor beginning to fail, a compressor pulley or serpentine belt that is beginning to wear out or the compressor clutch can cause a rattling noise. The compressor clutch is a high-wear item that will need to be inspected and replaced fairly often, it will create a rattle sometimes if it is wearing out though some vehicles require the clutch and compressor be replaced at the same time. Wrap Up Weird sounds coming from the air conditioner can be one of the most concerning things to a driver, especially during the summer when the air conditioner is just about the most important piece of a car.

Categories: Auto Info. Tags: Car exterior Car interior Car paint protection Car parking Summer travel Sun radiation High performance tires Tire qualities Types of tires Car dashboard lights Car indicators lights Different vehicle functions Tips for new drivers Bad catalytic converter symptoms Catalytic converterSquealing sounds are perhaps the most common complaint from drivers.

In this situation the serpentine belt is often the culprit. These belt noises can sound like a major problem and are sometimes mistaken for bearing failure. Instead use a high output spray bottle of water and carefully spray the belt to see if the noise disappears.

If it stops squealing when wet this is an indication it needs further inspection.

Why Is My Central Air Conditioner Making a Loud Noise? A Minneapolis-St. Paul Tech Answers

A worn or stretched out serpentine belt along with a malfunctioning tensioner are some of the problems that can develop with an air-conditioning drive belt. However, poor quality parts can make a racket all on their own. I prefer to use Continental Elite or Goodyear Gatorback engine belts with quite technology when replacing parts.

Bad compressor pulley bearings can also make noise. In this situation it increases when the compressor clutch is engaged.

Determining the difference between belt and compressor problems can be tricky. If the belt is old you might consider replacing it for maintenance reasons and see if it solves the noise problem.

If you need more information on this subject I have posted some diagnostic information and several popular drive belt diagrams on my other site.

When in doubt seek professional diagnosis.

Why does my air conditioning make a loud clunk when it turns on?

In this scenario people might try adding refrigerant on their own. Then when the unit kicks on they could hear a noise. A buzzing noise from the compressor when the air-conditioning clutch is engaged is a sign of an overcharged system. In this situation the buzzing sound is caused by liquid refrigerant entering the compressor intake port. Of course, this problem is most common after an air conditioning service when too much Freon has been added.

When this is the case it needs to be corrected as soon as possible, because it can cause internal damage. Replacing a car air-conditioning compressor is expensive and harder than it looks.